You Need A Budget Review – 4 Simple Rules Is All You Need

Product: You Need A Budget (AKA – YNAB) Price: Free fir 34-day Trial Period; then pay a small annual fee Where Can You Try it Out:

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Overviews:

When I was at my lowest, I realized I needed a way to keep track of my finances that was simple and easy. I have tried many and seem to always come back to Jesse Meecham’s program, “You Need A Budget”. program as it works best for me.

You learn the four simple rules of budgeting.

  1. Give Every Dollar a Job.
  2. Embrace Your True Expenses.
  3. Roll with the Punches
  4. Age Your Money

Benefit of the Software

  • It gives you structural support 24-7 via their website.
  • Online training is always available 24-7 for any situation that could come up.

YNAB5 is a stop up in the web-based online application making it easy to sync your accounts ao you always now where you are. Some banks may not work, but you can still enter them manually. They have also added an Inspector to the budget to further make it easy for you to use the software. Nice clean layout.

I hopeyou enjoyed this review and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or your own personal review below.  

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