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Working from Home with Fiverr Review

Today we are forced to self-quarantine to protect our friends and loved ones. Many have been laid off from their non-essential jobs or allowed to work from home. If you have been laid off, and collecting unemployment perhaps it’s time to think about your talents and put them to work for you.

Using Fiverr to Establish a Real Gig

Working from Home with Fiverr is an excellent way to do this. Decide what you can offer someone to help them – I chose to help someone set up their first zero-based budget for $15.00. They will get a download with an application to complete and return so I can see just what they have and where they are spending. When received back, I simply use this data to create a budget that they can live within on their current earnings, making 2-3 recommendations on how they can get better results faster. I will followup for three months to see how they are progressing.

It was easy to set up, may have a few bugs but they will be worked out as people choose to allow me to help them create their first zero-based budget. If you are interested in my services, here is a link to check it out. I set up my own gig as I feel the best way to review a service is to test it out.

What is a Gig?

A gig is something you have to offer someone in exchange of payment and it should be something that interests you. Who knows where a basic gig offer will lead? You can always grow it later with future upgrades.

Now it’s Your Turn…

What is one thing you can help someone with? Think of how you can offer a small sampling to others of what you have to offer and go to Fiverr and set up your account today! Working from Home with Fiverr can be just what you need to get you our of something that is “just a job” now, into something that excites, invigorates and offers much more opportunity.

So, What’s Holding You Back Now

Go set up an account now and begin your new gig of interest by Working from Home with Fiverr. If you have already done something like this, please share what you did and how it worked out for you. Be safe my friends!!


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