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Wise Grocery Shopping – Take Time to Prepare

One of the essential items in life we must pay attention to is having enough food to satisfy us while still living on a budget. Depending on your family size and needs, this line various household to household. A good rule of thumb to consider would be $30-50 per family member per week. This means if your are a single member household, your should plan to budget about $120-200 a month.

Always Use A List

My Grocery List

If you just have a habit of going to the store and picking up things from memory that you need, you are doomed to overspend every time. Make it a point to keep a grocery notepad on your refrigerator with a pen to jot down things as they are used up or needed. Writing down things you need as they come up will help you stick to your grocery budget and if you do exceed, at least you will know what happened.

If you are more tech-savvy and prefer automation over old-fashion pen & ink lists, I use a program called Aisle-by-Aisle Grocery list and just pull it up on my phone when I get to the store. I can even note if I have a coupon to use. You must take a few minutes though to set it up on your home computer. I have one sister who enjoys this, and the other one prefers pen & ink lists. So, the choice is you – the important thing is – ALWAYS USE A LIST!!

Eat Before You Go

Another important thing about grocery shopping is your need to make sure your NEVER shop on an empty stomach, always eat first. When your are not hungry in the market, your are less apt to binge shop.

Know Your Budget Limit

Okay your have eaten something and grabbed the list from the refrigerator, how much do your want to spend? It is a good idea to check to see how much your can get the items for and go to where your can shop for less. Be sure to check for available coupons to help keep your spending down.

Only Carry Enough Cash for Your Intended Order

Now with a general idea of what your are going for and how much it will cost your, take only enough cash to cover the order. Add about 10% to the total your estimated to allow for differentiation. Don’t forget to grab any cash-offs (also known as coupons) to help defray your cost and get it as low as your can.

Lets Wrap-up…

Well this is basically the process of wise grocery shopping. Always be on the alert on how your can get it as low as your can each time your are out in the market. Happy shopping!

Interested to know if this helped your, and any other tips your would like to share. Thank your for this moment of your time!


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This is very timely because I’m about to shop for groceries. Thanks for reminding that I should keep a list on provisions that I should buy because I keep on neglecting that. I also tend to keep extra money because I’m afraid that I would over spend . What is your opinion between using money vs. credit or debit card. Which do you think can really save up some cash? I appreciate you sharing these tips. It’s really great especially for people starting to grocery shopping for themselves.

I am working on paying off all my credit cards – so I use cash shopping, and try to just bring enough without carrying extra with me.  This way I am not tempted to buy things I don’t need or really want.  I have shared a link to a program I personally use and find it handy.  You pull up your list on your mobile phone by your email address.  If you were shopping for your mom or dad, you would pull up there list by their email.  I have shared a link for it above.  

But the main thing is – whether by mobile app or a physical pen & ink means – i cannot stress enough that mere point is – you always need to have a list to go by and learn to stick to it!

Hope you find this response helpful, and thank you for commenting!

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