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Wise Budgeting -The Choice for Your Financial Success

It took me several years of my life and several failures in that time to finally realize wise budgeting is the best choice for your financial success. I wish I had got it sooner, but I have been thinking “how can I help others with the experience and knowledge of trial and error over the years” so they don’t have to go it alone.

It Began With A Realization

As I sat back and thought about this blog, and my experience, suddenly it all became clear. It began with a realization I have developed a valuable skill that can help others to master there finances as I have and without going it alone. It takes time, and a certain kind of love and compassion to get people who are struggling financially, perhaps from credit cards or student loans, or whatever to a place where they can feel in control of there destiny.

First: Set A Mind Goal – You Can Do This!

Together, we can set a mind goal that you can do this, no matter where you are right now. For many, like myself, I realized I was in a state of lostlessness and wondering what was going to happen to me. Then, one day my stepdad made one statement that changed everything – he said “of all the people, I always thought you would be the one to succeed!”

Suddenly I felt I had disappointed him and my mother in some way, and I felt awful, I had to change and I had to do it NOW! He gave me some suggestions, and that night I started on a new journey to change my situation. By the end of the first year from that day, I had my first real A-ha moment ever as I started doing my taxes. I then challenged myself to do it another year, and document the process.

Next: Laying Out The Plan

You see, you have to start laying out the plan for success from where you are TODAY and move forward in a progression of steps over a period; with reinforcement and coaching. I have a lot of information here, but it can be overwhelming just what to do when. I have found that sometimes we can get lost in too much information. For this very reason, I have decided to create a webinar series that will take you from now, step by step through a customized process tailored to your own specific needs.

The Wise Budgeting System In A Box

This webinar series will be my flagship coaching program – THE WISE BUDGETING SYSTEM IN A BOX – and I will be there for you every step of the way to make sure you are following through as I know, like me, you can do this! I have not started the actual series yet, but just want to see how much interest there is in such a program to help you master your finances and stop living paycheck to paycheck over time.. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be able to ever retire from my day job, let alone have my own place. Well, I believe if I can make that happen for me, I can help create a wise budget for yourself as well and see some of your dreams come true.

I will stay in touch throughout the process – and when this course is ready for release you will be one of the first recipients.

Connect With Others – Wise Budgeting Powwow!

In addition I believe it is important to join with others who are struggling for lack of a budget or financial direction, and want to open up a private forum where you can connect with others in a WISE BUDGETING POWWOW! .If you are interested in helping make your idea reality and would like to join WB POWWOW of others seeking budgeting help – click the link below and introduce yourself in the Wise Budgeting Powwow and describe your current situation and where you would like to be in say six months.

So what are you waiting for?  Join the WB POWWOW on Clouthub Now.




2 replies on “Wise Budgeting -The Choice for Your Financial Success”

This will be of help to many people, especially in these trying times. It seems so logical to spend less than comes in, but unfortunately, in practice, many of us are having difficulties making ends meet. I guess you have mastered it and now want to teach other people to do the same.

I guess that an assessment of your current situation and then laying out where you want to be in half a year or a year will be essential to your turnaround. I wish you a lot of success with wise budgeting.

Thank you, Jerry!  Yes, if I can help just one person I will be happy as they hopefully will share and slowly I may change the world.  Its is not easy spending less than comes in, but with the right focus and hard work it can be done regardless of your situation.  We tend to like alot of “Stuff”. one must learn to cutdown on the stuff we purchase and put those $$ into real savings like an emergency fund.  Make sense?

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