Product Review

Wealthy Affiliate Product Review

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is one of the best online services I have found that walks you through the entire blogging process and shows you how to get what you are putting out there up on the search engines without costing an arm and a leg to do so. They know what makes a great site, and how to get search engine optimization (SEO) to work in getting your ideas in front of the right people

How Do You Get Started?

Well, I love writing and technology, getting what I have to say out to help others. I have created websites and blogs, but they just seem to sit out there in cyberspace. I can’t remember just how I found WA, but I decided to try it for one month for their promotional charge of just $19.

Ad I got into the training of discovering my first niche, and choosing a theme, adding content and more I knew I had found a good thing. Other members could be invited to give me feedback, and in return I gave them feedback on their sites. It is an awesome support group. I got to the end of the first training and decided to upgrade so I could go through the entire training and learn how to do something I was never sure of how to do – get optimized and found on the web and more importantly, how sites get monetized.

I actually had to see the monetization process in action, so I became my own best customer with my first affiliate link. I made $.41. Not much, but it is a start. Working hard, and with my peer support here – I know I can do it!

Where Would I like To Be In 6-9 Months to be Happy?

I would be happy just to bring in an additional $500-1000 per month in affiliate income to supplement my retirement. Can I do it? YES! But I also know, it will take work on my part to make that dream come true, Success at anything does not come overnight, it takes work! You must be patient and persistent, and it will come.

There is no such thing as “Get Rich Quick”, and anyone who promotes themselves and their product or service in that fashion is just scamming their viewers to take action. If you buy in to them, well – they are good scammers too! But someone has to get hurt in every “Get Rich Quick” scam – that person is YOU, if you bought in.

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So… Can You Do This?

You sure can, and Wealthy Affiliate can help you get there. But know one thing, they can only help if you have the patience and persistence to help yourself to get there with a lot of hard work and time to get started. It is a great way to work for yourself at home without fighting traffic and stress, but it all depends on YOU!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Click the link and join me and others here willing to support you on a new journey to success – YOURS! We will offer you feedback and support like none other. I hope you will try it on, and give it all you have got – for I know YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


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