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The Most Destructive Force – Debt

When we wake up one morning and realize how careless we have been in our workplace with our earnings. Suddenly when you go to pay a bill to get a message that your card has been declined. But how could it, you think – I just got paid yesterday, where did it go? You feel helpless in despair. Suddenly there is no one, if you go to your parents after they just loaned you money they will ask where that money went. How can you tell them, “I don’t know!” You look around, we have all this nice stuff – it’s just doesn’t make sense.


Ringing phones Summons Thoughts – “What Now?”

Phone calls start seeking payments long overdue. The utility company has given you your last chance, if you don’t send in payment by end of the week the lights get shut off. You are tired of constantly worrying if you will have enough to pay the rent this month. Anxiety builds on almost a daily basis. You ask constantly where am I, how did I get in this state. You are being held captive by the most destructive force – debt.

Society has taught us subconsciously we need to keep up with the Jones es next door. Look they just got another new car. You think, they must be doing so well. Last year you and your husband took out a loan and added a pool out back for your children – you smile how happy they were to have their friends over for pool parties. Then you look down, but how are we going to make the next payment?

Stop Trying to “Keep Up With Anyone!”

Your lack of money is no one’s fault but your own! Putting off this month payment so you can get something new, totally irresponsible. You are just spending money you don’t have when you resort to borrowing or pull out a credit card. Also, it is your lack of manageability of your funds that is also affecting your health and making you look older beyond your years. Your life is virtually being sucked out of you while being placed on hold. Where will it all end? When will it end?

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Truth is, you caused all this with your needs and wants. Did you really NEED another pair of shoes? Do you really need that timeshare you are buying with your neighbors in Florida when you cannot even pay your light bill for this home? Money truly is the root of all evil. It is the source and cause the most destructive force – this DEBT that is keeping you prisoner and not allowing you to experience more happiness.

In your most desperate state, you need to stop and weigh your options to make decisions to change your ways. Get up and take a stretch – take a walk around the block and just focus on the surrounding things on your walk – rustling trees, birds chirping, squirrel chattering at you, smell of spring in the air, sound of that brook down the street babbling, don’t think about any troubles. Come back in an hour or two, and take a deep breath.

Where Exactly Are You Today?

Investigate your situation – what do you have right now that you have not spent? Make a list of all sources of revenue – even your piggy banks, change, checking, savings, all area. List them, and then put the amount available in each area and total it all up. Circle that total and take a moment – you are not broke, oh, you may not have much but as you see you still have some cash available.

Now grab another sheet of paper and make a list of all your bills along with the amount due and when its due. Make one more column to list the amount you are overdue for each expense. Add everything you can think of to this list and when you feel you have everything on this list – total up amount due. It is understandable if this number seems rather overwhelming, because it probably is.

Ok So Now, The Truth Comes Where Do You Stand – Your True Worth

Now take your total expenses owed and subtract it from your total money available at this moment. My guess, if you are feeling anxious and uneasy, the result will be a negative number. This is your true (or net) worth. Now take your fist and punch that pillow on the sofa next to you as hard as you can as you think about this number. This is your release, from here is the first day of the rest of your life. Oh, it won’t be easy – but trust me, you can do it. I already have been there, and I am here now in a better position and ready to help you.

Are You Ready to be Shaken Up?

The truth is you have given your money permission to rule your life. Money is the root of all evil, it needs to be over seen and monitored continually to keep it in line. I am holding a series of four workshops this month to help re-position you for next month. You will begin to see just what your money is doing behind your back and how it is controlling you. I invite you to sign up and go through this FREE workshop to start experiencing less stress and less anxiety in your life.

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4 replies on “The Most Destructive Force – Debt”

Debt is really not what everyone should be jumping in eben at he tightest situations because it could affect a lot. This is a great post here and I will do my best to ensure this is strictly adhered to by myself. Knowing that debt can only cause yarms would give us the knowledge to really stay conscious of it and fight against involving in it at all.

HI Donna, your post has helped me view things from a completely different perspective. I will sign up for this workshop you’re advertising.

On e of the things I perceive that happens with most of us is that there are aspects in our lives that money controls and we’re not even aware. That’s very interesting.

Great article, in fact I think everyone around the world need to read something like this once a while. What don’t we do competing with neighbors and friends, even within the siblings forgetting about how much we can spend. I agree that all kinds of bad things started right out from money. And sometime we end up entangled in the web of debt, where getting out of it require some kind of sacrifice such as pawning your valuables, mortgage you house etc.

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