Budgeting in Tough Times

How Budgeting Can Reduce Stress in Any Situation

You wake up like any other morning, shower, and get ready for work. Heading off you may hold an important call with a client

by cell on your way in, stop for coffee, and your off to a meeting with your staff. You have been too busy to pay attention to the news, as you eat and head off to bed when you get home. You walk into the meeting and sit down as the President of your company gets up to speak, and you hear – “As many of you may know, there is a situation of severity brewing, a silent stalker-killer virus, social distancing has been ordered. So in order to protect you and the values you possess for this company we are shutting down for 30-days effective immediately. You can still do your work, but you must only do what you can from home. Be Safe!!”

Suddenly Your World is Turned Upside Down

What has been in the background for a while, has come front and center in your life. Suddenly your world is turned upside What now?down. You are riddled with anxiety and questions. Your mind is racing as what to do next. And then on your way to your car you stop and….

Faced with No Work Sends Message – No Money What Now?

Suddenly you feel fear – how will I feed my kids, maintain my lifestyle, or simply continue on as more and more are faced with no work that sends a message of no money coming in. Without money our minds play havoc in our lives and relationships. You may feel helpless if you are the breadwinner, and worry about how you can take care of your family now or even yourself.

WAIT A MINUTE! Answer this one question….

Do you budget your money, life and everything that goes into them? If no, NOW is the time. Without a budget in place in It's time to budget!case of such emergency’s means you are in a way at the mercy of society, you need to understand where you are financially at all times of your life – in the good as well as bad times. Understanding and knowing where you are at all times, is the key to being stress free and secure when such a disaster occurs.

Where Do You Begin Now?

This is what I did in 2012, when credit card debt tried to pull the rug out from under me – put two pieces of paper in front of you. At the top of one write “INCOME SOURCE” and the other “EXPENSES”. List everything you have coming in every month to help pay the bills and give you those nice vacations with your family on one sheet; then on the other list ALL your expenses. That is all for now, find all your records to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Stay Tuned – For More “Tips on How A Budget Can Reduce Stress”

Now stay tuned as I lead you through a process of understanding and refining your income and expenses to make it become a welcomed habit rather than a dreaded, daily chore. Now while you are waiting for my next session on this, take a look closely at those two lists and put a dollar value next to each item. Then tally each list up just for shouts and giggles. Although I doubt you will be giggling. Stay focused and please come back for my next post – you will start to see things better in your life with less stress and will be ready to help others.