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Restructuring Your Life – Key to Personal Freedom

Restructuring your life is the key to personal freedom. One thing this pandemic and staying home this year has done is given me time to think about my life and the things in it. When we want something, we too easily turn to our credit cards. Well, it only leads us to more cards to move what we owe back and forth from card to card always paying our debt with the tools that keep us in debt and rising interest.

Ask yourself – “What is your dream?”

The money we are making TODAY must go to those habits of our past, instead of our future hopes and dreams. Ask yourself – if you are older like myself, “What is your dream for life as you get deeper and deeper into your Golden Ages?” If you are younger, you have more time to build a solid reserve for your future life where you can enjoy and work less or not at all, ask yourself – “What are your dreams for retirement someday down the road?”

You must suffer a Bit Now to Reach A New Level of Happiness

Believe me, that “someday down the road” is a lot closer than any of us realize when we are young. Restructuring your life  now is the key to your personal freedom and happiness. One day you wake up and realize you are not young anymore. Oh, you may still be able to do things, but not as you did in your past years. You begin thinking cautiously and slower, but still achieving the result eventually. Well, you can change all that – but you must suffer a bit now to reach a new level of happiness.

The choice is OURS!

As I opened my bills and started planning my next month budget, it was my Home Depot (HD) bill that made me stop in my tracks. You see, I had needed new energy efficient windows and they have been great. HD was offering at the time a 0% interest loan for 24-mos and thinking blindly I could pay that off and avoid interest I went ahead – but learned

I could only pay slightly over the minimum due each month. Oh yes, it is great for the economy but not so great for us consumers as we become as slaves to the lender always indebted to those who offer us great deals.

Rationalizing Can Fall on Deaf Ears Causing More Stress

Well, mid60’s is not old, but not young either, or HD was not listening as I tried to extend this offer due to the pandemic to eliminate the interest to give more time. I even applied for a new Discover card, thinking I would move the balance over but was not given that much credit to achieve this. Alone, and worried, I turned to my faith and asked for help. The more I stared at that HD bill I realized how 0% over 24-mos does not mean there would be on interest during those months unless you are lucky enough to be able to pay it off. It is an extension of lending that keeps us under the lenders control. With the 24-mos up, they released all the interest promised in one lump sum as I stared at the over $1,000 in interest added to that new bill for next month.

Ask! New Doors Will Open

One morning I awoke to a call from Freedom Debt Relief responding to a prompt left in my searching for an answer to this problem. They made me realize just how much interest I would pay towards the debt by merely making minimums each month and would be well into my 80s before paying it all off. I felt a peaceful feeling that God sent this call to me, and decided it was time to act. The caller showed me how in four years I would graduate from the program with six debts paid off under the program. However, I also realized I would have to take a BIG credit hit doing so, was I willing to take this risk. YES! I would turn over six of these creditors to this program for a small, achievable monthly payment and they would handle these creditors for me so they all would get paid in this period, but in a slower easier means.

Be Willing to Take the Risk

I still could keep the 3-4 remaining cards if needed and learn to manage them as well in this period. Even though I will take a risk of a big hit to my credit score – the end result is worth it to me, to see those creditors paid off under the program and learning how to manage and save with only a couple cards that I can control.

Over the next four years as each of those creditors are paid off and I pass another hurdle, I can look down the road and begin to see the sunset at the end as I move into a new decade with more freedom. If only I had realized this when I was younger, and this had been part of my education growing up, I could have imagined even greater things in my golden retirement years. But I am satisfied thinking, at least I will have a chance to have some years ahead to enjoy with less stress and pressure of being a slave to so many lenders.

Seeking, You Will Find Serenity

Use this time during the pandemic to focus on clearing your path and seeing new goals ahead in your future. There is an  answer to all problems or stresses we face in life, a necessary part of life, that we cannot sleep away and ignore. We must be willing to take certain risks and be different, to solve what we are living in now to reach the glorious sunset awaiting us in our future.

Is there something in your life causing you stress and misery?

Get up, prepare to restructure your life and face it full on with new vigor as I am with my creditors, seek the answers you need to chips away and conquer this massive edifice before you to block out YOUR sunlight and realize there is a glorious sunset waiting for you on the other side. To a creditor I realize four years can seem long, but to me it is worth it to finally have the freedom from the chain of debt and despair. I will share my journey with you, and hope it gives others the courage to be a little different in conquering their obstacles for happiness to reach their golden sunset and be able to do all the things they dream of in their golden retirement years.

Now it is Your Turn!

Please leave a comment below and share whatever it is that is holding your back in life and let us set a new ritual to getting past whatever it is. The answer is not ignoring and sleeping life away, that is to give into the obstacle. Be willing to take a risk and seek help – you too can look forward to graduating with me as we slowly see that golden sunrise in our future and experience life with more meaning and passion.


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wow~Awesome article! This article really helps me a lot in the understanding of personal freedom. This is really what I desire for a long time, and also the final target of my life. Because of your article, I understand that be willing to take the risk is a must in achieving persona freedom, and I’m trying to change myself.

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