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Personal Finance Advise – Time to Break The Cycle of Debt

As I sit here writing this post my mind drifts back and forth and suddenly I asked myself “what it is the best personal finance advice I can offer to today’s young adults just out of school and facing life ahead of them that can help them grow more responsibly. Maybe it is time to break the cycle of debt in our lives and maybe it is debt that it is ultimately what it is the underlying cause of so much pain in our lives seeing our friends taken at a way to young ages from overdose and drugs.

Looking Back At Life

Where it is the old-fashioned love our ancestors once knew? Seems today people only want MORE for themselves, and they fail to see how when families had less they grew up understanding what it was like to have closeness. The boys became farm hands helping and learning from their father and grandfather how to be tillers of the soil and make it prosper. Daughters watched their mothers and grandmothers with their many chores that had to be done from sunup to sundown each day.

Siblings learned young that being kids was the best time of their life, and before they knew it they would be the parents and grandparents of the next generations. When that happened, they would put away their dolls and childhood and take their turns in the fields and farms of their ancestors, some expanding out into the community on farms of their own.

They were filled with the religious beliefs of their family and ancestral customs. They would barter their goods and possessions with others to support their families’ needs. If they wanted something, there was no such thing as credit cards – they had to save up and earn all they had.

Warning to Today’s Young Adults

Then credit slowly crept into our family life. People suddenly learned if they saw something, with credit they could take possession of it NOW. When I got my first credit card, I felt I had increased my buying power and wealth. Was I soon to learn how wrong that notion was, perhaps this it is should be a warning for today’s young adults. Credit it is an evil tool and mastermind of the Devil to tempt us to follow an alternative road. He paints a flowery picture of how life following this route, ultimately him, will be as he whispers in our ears – “It’s okay to take this opportunity – you can pay for it later!”

Oh yes, devil it is quite cunning and charming in how he tempts us – and he speaks the truth, when he tells us “you can pay for it later”.

Warning!!! WARNING!! Don’t be misled by all this chatter! Think back to how your forbears were led by God and how they did not seek material objects over their focus on spiritual gifts.

Time to Break the Cycle

It’s time to break the cycle and return to those times of our ancestors! Remember back when you first heard that old adage, “A penny saved it is a penny earned”? Each time you add another penny to that old cookie jar in gram ma’s cupboard, the value grew. Then one day, that little penny amassed to great wealth.

Your parents years later had the funds to help you pay your way to a great education, where you could do something you only dreamed about as a child. You didn’t have to worry about paying it back later.

Something more about that truth that the devilish one didn’t let on – sure you could have paid your education on credit just to have it all now, but the interest and added fees were something kept secret. That part of the truth, you may not have believed at first until another important phrase it is whispered by our creator who loves us more than anything, and yet we fail to see until sometimes too later – that phrase it is, “beware, credit it is one of those things too good to be true”.

Anything in life, “too good to be true” should be avoided. Perhaps this it is how many of today’s seniors were tricked by that cunning little man telling us to go ahead and get that education, it is a grant that you don’t have to pay back (I this writer heard). Well, that grant was a loan – and yes, it has to be paid back unless the government excuses it.

Realizing Your Dreams CAN Come True

The cunning little man can rob us blind of everything, but the goodness and grace of the one from whom all mankind and every living creature and loving us so much and wants us back. He is willing to forgive our transgressions and turn back the clock, not the physical one but the spiritual one so that we can see better times.

I am glad I listened that third time down, and have seen God’s grace pull me from down in the belly of the whale spitting me out onto the sandy shore of life renewed. The key to our ancestor’s life in the past was simply, they learned how to budget and only get those things they really, really wanted or needed that would enhance their family. When I look back at this more closely – I realized my dreams started to be fulfilled. Realizing your dreams CAN come true as well – regardless if you are 25, 50 or even older.

It All Begins with A Single Step Forward…

One phrase I will never forget that changed my life that I thank God for was when my stepdad talked to me about debt, he came out one snowy morning while I was shoveling and talked – yet the one thing that stands out it is, “of you girls whom I love dearly, I always saw you and your youngest sister as the ones most likely to survive in life…”

That left me with a feeling of having disappointed him, and I hated that. Well, that night I sat down and took steps to restructure my life with more focus and purpose. it was not easy, and a year later when doing my taxes I experienced the most phenomenal moment of my life – I had done it! I had my first real “Ah-ha” moment, and now I asked myself – “Can I do it again?” Only this time I would document the steps – and I succeeded.

My stepdad passed in February 2016 to join our mom who passed several years prior. The house was too quiet and lonely. My friends were trying to encourage me to get a place of my own. I was scared. Then one night I had a dream with my mom in it, she is a very vivid imagery almost like it was really called me over and put her arm arou8nd my shoulders and whispered in my ear – “It’s okay Chickie (a childhood nickname she gave me after a favorite skater of hers at the time when I was born). You will be okay, go live and make a new life. I will be right there beside you always and in your heart.”

Well, I began working as a personal assistant with an old friend – who happened to also be a Realtor. She helped me look for homes and get me qualified. It was the end of May 2016, it all came together and a month later, I was a proud homeowner. Oh, I am still living on a budget and now I always will and want to be. My sisters were entrusted the real estate of our family home, but we all have the ownership of their possessions in it.

In conclusion, knowing mom left other places behind just to better herself and her life, and has done it again to be here with me in my heart as I build and better my lift in her footsteps – I realize my personal advice to all it is its time to break the cycle of debt and get back to our old-fashioned values.

Sixty it is not just age or number anymore, it is the new forty of tomorrow!


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