Master Your Clothing Budget With Stitch Fix

Ever wake up, open your closet and declare, “I have nothing to wear!” We all like to look and feel good.  Then with a deep sigh, you make your morning coffee and plan the day.  Ladies, we all tend to be born with a shopper’s gene deep inside. We crave nice things to make us look and feel good.  We tend to get bored or tired with our present everyday things and need change of any kind to wake us up and excited us. Wel, I have to share with you how I came to find Stitch Fix, to help me master my clothing budget. Oh yes, what guys don’t like to look good for their ladies and wives?

Become Aware of Your Clothing Habits

Just for the fun of it, go pull out three months of statements for each of your credit and debit cards.  Well don’t just sit there, just do it!  Now draw a line through all the essential items – this includes gas, insurance, utility bill payments, and trips to the grocery store.  If you are looking at a bank statement, highlight those items with a highlight marker, then go to those and do the same.  Make a list of all the items left and circle any item where you purchased any type of clothing or underwear.

Sizing is NOT Like It Used To Be

How many times have you got home with this great outfit that seemed to look good and feel good in the store, but when you got it home there was just something wrong with it?  You may have got home to find when you really looked at it it made you look pregnant (and your not married or seeing anyone) .  Well, I found I was the old Size 12 or 14 Tall, but lately that size seemed more like a an 8 or 10.  I find I must be able to try it on and wear it to see exactly how an item really fits and feels.  If something is off, even the slightest I find I tend to tire of it in my wardrobe quickly and want to be seen less in it out in public.

Discovering Stitch Fix in my Email

One night I was checking my email and got an invitation from a company that provides it’s clientele with their own personal stylist.  They don’t just cater to women either, as men and children like to look good too!  Personally, I don’t like to go shopping as i tend to get too much “stuff” I don’t need and so, I signed up and took the personal styling test to give the stylist and idea of my size, likes, interests, etc.  They actually, if I recall, had me taking measurements so they could get it right. I was impressed, but skeptical. 

Easy to Get Started…

They acknowledged my information right away and got to work assembling my FIRST package, and it was shipped out direct to my door.  How cool is that!  I just got my Stitch Fix #5 this month that  They let me try each item before I buy and those that just are not me, they provide a postage-paid bag to return any items I do not want – just put the items in the bag and let the postmaster ship them back.  You can keep just one item and send rest back or all of them and get a 25% discount when you finalize the order online.  Shipping is always FREE, and you get a $20 stying fee – purchase credit on any items you keep.

Size is NO ISSUE Anymore

I like having a stylist put together my clothing package and know it will fit.  No more changing rooms to try on and decide on the spot. I hope you will give them a try too, then come back and share YOUR personal experience.  Did you keep everything or just one exceptional item in the package?  For me, it depends on my budget at the time whether I keep the entire package or one item, or no items.

New Outfit – Perfect Way to Reward Yourself for Staying on Budget

When you finally realize you need a budget, you start where you are and set an end goal for yourself with mini-steps in between, each of these steps should be rewarded for successfully completing – no better way than a nice outfit that fits well andmakes you feel good.  You can wear it to celebrate your next big step – dinner out!    

What Are You Waiting For?

Go online and check Stitch Fix out for yourself TONIGHT!!  

Oh, yes – I will be sharing a video of my reccent Stitch Fix shortly. Dont miss it!

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Thank you so much for sharing such a great article among us. Honestly, I enjoyed this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about Clothing Budget With Stitch Fix. In my opinion, This is better than any other option. I think this system is perfect for people. It is an amazing article for Clothing Budget With Stitch Fix. Thanks for presenting it beautifully. I’m so impressed. I think this article is useful for everyone.
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Hi Donna. I resound with so many of the points you shared with us here. And having my own personal stylist sounds like a dream to me. I’ll definitely give them a try. I’m excited, but I must also admit I’m a bit skeptical (as you also were before they sent their first package).

Thanks for presenting us this option.

This is a great way to save money on clothing. It is so true that sometimes we bought clothes that we never wear and they just stayed in the closet 🙂

I am very small in size, it is really difficult for me to buy clothing that fits and looks good on me. I will try Stitch Fix and let their stylist suggest nice fitting clothes for me.

I like the free shipping and free return.

Thank you for the information.

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