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Life Will Get in Your Way – How to Regain Momentum

Yes, life will get in your way of our best laid plans – even when it comes to budgeting wisely.  As you see it has happened to me a few times here with my blog.  Question is – how do we regain our momentum when we return.

Some may feel embarrassed and just give up, never come back.  Not me, as I care and want to help others, like you, to master living on less than you bring in every month. It’s not easy.  Wise budgeting practices must stay in the forefront of all you are doing even when life gets in your way – maybe I should say, especially when life gets in your way.

As I pick up where I left off, I hope you will stay with me and support my endeavors putting new techniques and ideas I have found into place to simplify your budgeting process.

Yes, I am back and for starters I am committing to a new weekly post every week.  Thank you for bearing with me.

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