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Life Got in My Way, But I am Back

As I log in today for the first time in months, I was disappointed to find everything I worked hard on “needing work”. We tend to get complacent and go back to old ways letting life itself get in our way of dreams and ideas we try to build. When I saw the stars today for this site, Try Wise Budgeting with Donna, I was heartbroken and felt I have disappointed for those following me. It won’t be easy, but know I am still here for you.

I Am Back!

It is true I am back to work, almost full time since the outbreak of Covid, but I am still committed to my passion here as well. I know very well how you feel in your struggles with balancing your finances to make ends meet. Yet, disappointed that I seem to have let you down the past few months. Seeing the words that my office space, this website, “needs work” made me feel I have let YOU down, and I don’t like that – I don’t want you to feel that way either.


So let me share my plan – for the month of April and those months to follow I am committing to just TWO bi-weekly articles a month and asking for your support. I hope you will be inclined to share your experiences and questions with each new post to help me get back on track. I am also going to post a five-minute weekly podcast.

I feel starting with small and very doable steps like this right now will help me re-connect to YOU, and help me to get back on track where my life got in my way, but I am back and want to reconnect with you.

Next Up…

I will be adding the new “Wise Budgeting with Donna” newsletter in May as a seasonal, quarterly issue. It will come straight to your in-box as a PDF as I now some people are more visual and need something they can print out and keep handing to refer back to. Please share your ideas! Let me now in the comments some things you would like to see included in this newsletter.

Still, More to Come…

Well, that is enough for now to work on, especially where I am back to work in the restaurant full time since last July. There is another biggie I want to take on towards the end of this year – but for now, I will hold you in suspense. You will hear more in the months that follow – but right now I feel that best way to get back on track helping people like you budget wisely is slow and steady.

Now It’s YOUR Turn…

Show your support by signing up to receive my newsletter, once it is out – I have a new link to keep all my fans together and to show my appreciation I will share how to get started understanding just where your money is going.  You will be surprised.

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5 replies on “Life Got in My Way, But I am Back”

Hi Donna, I’m glad to have you back. Yes, we have all been balancing our finances to make ends meet. But I’m happy, we’re still here, still alive. The correct word is “grateful”.

I’m looking forward to receiving this quarterly issue straight into my inbox as a PDF. Thank you very much!

Thank you, glad to be back.  Just made a new post and will do a podcast tomorrow. As a friend once said, it takes persistence to make anything work out..

Welcome back, I think Covid and life got in the way for many people this past year. With forced isolation we all had to rethink and pivot. It is a great idea to start with small doable actions like the bi-weekly posts and five minute podcast. That way it will be easier not to feel overwhelmed and it is also easier to recommit. All the best with your plans. 

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