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Let’s Create A Vision Board for 2022 Together

I want to share my first Zoom broadcast, just click the link or image to watch in a new window.

Let’s Create A Vision Board for 2022

Your Assignment:

Call two or three friends over for coffee and fun. Once completed share your board in the comments. Look forward to seeing YOUR visions.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

2 replies on “Let’s Create A Vision Board for 2022 Together”

Howzit Donna, 

I understand the Idea of Vision Boards, and think it’s a good idea but I have no experience at all doing this Online. 

You say you must ask friends round for Coffee will this literally be at home or are your friends Online having Coffee. 

I think a diversity of friends from different fields would be great idea as they would have a different mind set about your Topic and Vice Versa. 

I have never used ZOOM (can you believe that) haha. 

Do you have to pay for Zoom.

I personally would like to see how it works, then I would have a better understanding, on how to answer.

Hope this Helps you out 



You dont need to pay for zoom to attend programs and meetings, you just have to download the app to your computer or tablet or phone. 

You can do it online or off, 

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