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Jaaxy – An Amazing Branding Tool for Bloggers




Do you know how to WOW those looking for what you have to say? Well, I found Jaaxy to be an amazing branding tool for bloggers to do just that bringing you to the forefront of what they are looking for.

Targeting Your Audience: Knowing What People Are Looking For

Jaaxy does this by helping you to find the right words they are querying to better help you in targeting your audience and knowing what they are looking for. With this information, you are in a better position to offer better advice and tell it in a way that is easy for them to understand.

Do You Know Enough to Get Their Attention and Solve Their Problem?

Make sure after finding that problem you are interested in solving that you know enough to honestly help them overcome and master it by getting a little more information about the topic through research and good references. This helps promote you as a credit source that they will listen too.

Keywords: About Getting Your Message Out There As An Authority

Once you have enough material, sources and information then write your article, but be sure to use those keywords that you found your audience was plugging in to search engines to get the answers to their problem. Jaxxy can help find these keywords, which are what it is all about, getting your message out there as an authority to help them overcome whatever it is they are looking for.

Polish Your Message with A Cliff-Hanger for More

We have all read thrillers and watched whodunits, they take you to the edge of your seat leading you to make some conclusion. Sometimes the ending is not as expected, and you leave disappointed and telling your friends it wasn’t worth it. You want your audience to be so excited they tell their friends to go and see it – they won’t be sorry. You want to polish you final message with a cliff-hanger for more that they will tell their friends about.


Chances are you did a great job, but they may still have questions or concerns. Let them know you are always there and even if you don’t have the answer right off, you will get it for them. Ask them to leave their comments or opinions. Be their go to guy or gal, an expert in the subject they are looking for more information in to apply. How about going a step further and inviting them to….



3 replies on “Jaaxy – An Amazing Branding Tool for Bloggers”

Jaaxy truly is an amazing branding tool for bloggers. I use Jaaxy everyday with my affiliate marketing business and the help it provides in targeting my audience and choosing just the right keywords is priceless. I can’t imagine a better tool. Jaaxy has proven to help you rank faster. Thanks for sharing this very useful information Donna.

I had heard about Jaaxy from some work colleagues but up to now, I have not tried it out. Today I decided that it was time to do some research and take action if the tool will help me and my online business. That is how I came here, and I am glad I did. 

You have laid out all the advantages I will have and the features are just what I am looking for when it comes to doing my keyword research, tracking of my keywords, and so much more. The price is also not too high, which means it is within my budget. Great article and very useful for me, thanks!

Jaaxy is the best that has happened to me since the moment I decided to make a living online. When trying to build an audience, you don’t need to be a Guru, being part of the crowd sometimes works far much better. You should deliver answers to the most common questions, yes, but don’t expect to become the I know it all in the subject from one day to the other.

That is where Jaaxy does the magic, helping you validate how tight competition is for you to focus your efforts within the segments that deserve it. 

Thank you for delivering this recommendation post (I fully back it up with several years of experience) to those starting on this journey. 

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