Wise Budgeting

Introduction to Wise Budgeting with Donna

I have been thinking how can I reach out better and help more. Well I have decided to put together a 12-month course where I start by introducing myself and my own story and facing debt. Every month I will add a new piece to the process and Well, I just completed my first live stream that will begin my course and wanted to share it to get your thoughts and opinions.


It is fresh, uncut facts about my story

Speaking naturally from my home, I want to make my course fresh and as natural as possible and feel that means keep it as uncut and unedited as possible. Making it as real as it is, and sharing my experiences will help you join me on a new journey for your financial freedom.


The simple approach to Wise Budgeting

Wise budgeting starts where you are and identifying everything about your life NOW in the present, and the feelings or emotions you feel as you are putting it together and see your actual net worth. Realize you have been simply lost for however long and now, you want to change.


Goals Setting Gives Hope

Now think what life would look like if you didn’t have the struggles and debt, your net worth was off the charts high. This is the place you ultimately want to get to – but how, you ask?


The Answer is Easy – Learning to Budget Wisely

I am in the process of writing a course showing how I have done it in hope of helping YOU and many others do exactly this and experience new freedoms they never thought they could ever have or imagine. I want to share the introduction to this course with you now and ask you to please leave comments and how you felt after listening. What action(s) has it got you taking?

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