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How to Find the Hidden Money in Your Smartphone – Using the Ibotta App


Did you know you can earn cash back on your in-store and mobile purchases with the FREE mobile app created by a Denver-based company, Ibotta.

How does Ibotta work?

There are three ways in which you can earn –

        •       · Your receipt
    •       · Link the Ibotta app to your loyalty card
    •         By way of In-App purchases

Now to best use these options to maximize the amount of money hidden in your smartphone, start by making a shopping list of what you intend to buy BEFORE you leave.

If you have not done so already, download the Ibotta app to your smartphone and create an account.  Once you have done that, find the stores that you shop at in the app and find the one that has the best deal.  Select the item and add it to your Ibotta shopping list.

Now that you have your list in the Ibotta app and know where to find the best deals. Go out and purchase your items and be sure to ask for the receipt, if not provided one automatically at close of the sale.

Once you are home with your purchases, scan the receipt into the Ibotta app matching up your actual purchases to the ones you previously selected in the app, and activate the rebate.

What if I am using a loyalty card?

I just bought a new toaster oven at Kohls, to add the rebate to your card to complete the process, you need to enter your account number, store account or phone number at the start of the rebate process prior to scanning your receipt.

But I Make Most Purchases at the Checkout Using My Phone
Simply opening the app, selecting the items you intend to purchase and making the purchase online in your phone is all you need to do in this  case, Ibotta will be notified of the purchase.

No More Remembering to Cut and Take My Coupons…

I was referred to Ibotta by my sister and love the fact that I do not have to worry about remembering to take my coupons with me.  Once the purchase is made, Ibotta verifies my purchases and a confirmation of payment will appear in the app within 48-hours.

Ibotta is an easy way to make cashback, but it won’t help you save money unless you use it wisely.  There are offers for things you wouldn’t actually buy, so check and pick only those offers you actually use – then go forth and collect cash back. Remember spending money on items you dont use isn’t a good way to manage your money.  Let us know how you make out by leaving a comment after you have signed up for this app on your phone.

Now It Your Turn – Make Real Money Back on Your Next Purchases

Sign up and see  how easy it is to get money back on all your purchases by clicking the link below at

8 replies on “How to Find the Hidden Money in Your Smartphone – Using the Ibotta App”

I heard about IBOTTA about when it first came out but didn’t try it out until a few years later. Until this day i use it and love everything about it. I like that it’s free because some shopping apps ask for money first. I have referred lots of friends and been rewarded smartly. Thanks for such a great review, you are spot on.

You must he kidding, you need to see how big my grin is right now. I usually go shopping at month end and I buy lots of stuff which cost quite a lot most times and I don’t get a single discount on getting these products. So seeing an app that could give me a money back is just wow. When you get this app do you pay to be a member,  Like payment after signing up?

Hi Chloe, To be totally honest, I have not paid anything for this app yet and my sister hooked me up with it two years ago.  Perhaps down the road, they will charge, but I consider myself grandfather – at least for now. In fact, we tend to compete to see who will get the most, and she always wins.  

Be interested to know how it works out for you as well.

Hi Donna! I like your website about budgeting products.

Using a free software offering to build an e-mail list, I am hoping that it turns into an affiliate commission for you. I am now thinking about how I can implement an offer like that!

As far as the budgeting services: are you offering one on one budgeting, like over Skype? I would appreciate you to clarify the offer in my head. As in, and I have not had success with doing this properly, but it is all about building the funnel of 7 to 9 touchpoints and an authority in the space. By establishing yourself as a consultant, you build credibility. You keep the credibility by offering valuable products and content that bounces around in their head. The more positive attention you can garner onto the brand, the better chance you will have of converting.

To build authority, maybe tell your story, and the successes you have had with budgeting. I like the article about how to help build credit. I didn’t read all of it but offering a secured card as an affiliate offer there is sweet, as well as legal and potentially financial services. There is a long list of potential that can be provided in a funnel that introduces the most value optimized according to when in the process they are introduced. I hope that helps!


Thank you for your thoughts here. And yes, it helps a lot. You seem to be reading my mind – I am thinking of one-on-one, possibly skype counselling as well as adding podcasts. 

I see so much possibility with this niche to help others. 

I haven’t heard of such app that gives payback when I go out to purchase stuffs. This is a really nice offer as there are so many people out there who have very small money to get some things for themselves but would need some sort of discount stuff or payback like this. I’ll be glad to inform those college kids that lives around my house. Thanks for the information.

I hadn’t heard of it either until my youngest sister hooked me up with it, now I am hooked. Nowadays it seems every penny counts that we make, so why not get some of it back.  

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