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Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Virtually living paycheck-to-paycheck and unable to seem to break the cycle. This is an example of money taking control in your life. Because I have personally experienced and learned how to manage those wild money dollars in my own life finally, I can help you to do the same. It is by no means and overnight fix, but together you can start to see just what your money is doing and how it is overpowering you to have control. The Founders Launch is now open thru July 31, 2020 to help build this community for those struggling to make ends meet.

Do you know the one thing that your money hates?

Yes, it is the big B word – BUDGET! The simple reason is because having a budget gives YOU more control and flexibility in your life. Less stress and burden. And you own MORE on a budget than if you didn’t have one.

The one thing your money thrives on to be in control of you is something inside many of our wallets today – the big C – CREDIT CARDS. Giving you more stress and stealing from your future assets. Even affecting your relationships!

My Why for idea for this blog, “Try Wise Budgeting with Donna”

I started a blog writing content over a year ago. However, I have been reluctant to share my new ambition for fear of what my family and friends might think. The recent pandemic got me thinking more how this hesitation or fear is preventing me from helping others, like you, to improve your life by improving your relationship to your money.

You probably know someone right now who could use help set up or refining their budget, don’t you? Perhaps that someone is you!

Our Mission Is…

The mission of “Try Wise Budgeting with Donna” is to help those struggling financially to take better control of their life by utilizing wise budgeting every day to experience less stress in their lives. Less stress makes for longer and happier lives with loved ones.

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2 replies on “Become a New Subscriber”

Excellent niche, especially during these times where it seems so many people live beyond their means it’s crazy. I was once one of those people but about two years ago I first decided to research earning money online and in doing so I took a few months off having an actual, paid job. 

Needless to say I learned a lot about budgeting back then. I managed to cut my monthly expenses down t $965 a month and I managed to survive from July 2018 to November 2018 while breaking into this field. While I had to return to work, I was able to take another two months off between July and August 2019 to continue my research.

The lessons I’ve learned via budgeting have stuck with me ever since and I always find myself at a surplus, so if I do want something I can buy it all while living within my own means. 

Awesome!   I only wish they taught personal budgeting in school before you graduated – I would have taken it years ago, and maybe would have saved me a lifetime of stress from debt.  I too have learned alot, and always willing to learn more.  By the way, if you are interested in doing guest blogging here in the future – let me know.  😉

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