Forget About Impressing Others: Be True to Yourself

Forget About Impressing Others:

Be True to Yourself

Stop and think through your actions and start being true to yourself. Realizing that you do not need to impress others or be more like your friends is never good, just another series of ploys by the Devil to lure us from becoming our own person. He will use others to move you closer to him, promising you the world to get you to follow him with God looking on to see how you respond.

God is always not far away when we stray from the path of goodness and honest living. However, we just need to ask for his help and desire to be held close on our life journey from birth to death. We will meet and pass many people in our lives, who are there at that moment for a reason. We do not have to understand everything at that specific time, but when God is ready and knows we are ready, that reason will be made known. God is preparing us to be the best we can be so we can enter His heavenly kingdom and have no worries. For in that place God is preparing for us, and we just need to prove are love to Him through this life by keeping his commandments.

Avoid “Keeping Up with the Jones es”

If they want to feel superior and above all, just let them. Do not let them pull you down that proverbial rabbit hole with them  though. Be yourself, and happy with what you have. If they like to show off being the first in the neighborhood to have a brand-new Lamborghini let them, just know the chances are they do not own that Lamborghini, their credit or automobile dealer still does and is allowing them to drive it in exchange for payments for the next several years until it is paid off.

Avoid “Being Cool!”

Real happiness is achieved in knowing you own something right now, and that something is YOURS outright that you earned and paid for with your hard-earned dollars. You may not have the fanciest or most up to date house on the block, but knowing you own it is the best feeling in the world.

Parents will l eave their home to their children more often than realized so they have something they can use as a foundation to get a place of their own choosing by selling and dividing the proceeds with their siblings or by giving their son or daughter a source of their hard work to used to find their own place someday as they move forward and start to think about downsizing for their own happiness.

Be True to Yourself! Make Your Own Happiness

Sometimes we dream of owning our own place someday, and our fear of failure often keeps us from trying. Moving out of the family home is a very scary thing, there is a lot out there to be conquered to

shape your world and be happy in it. We tend to feel safe and secure living in our parent’s world and knowing they are there. Sadly, the day will come when they most move forward when their time on Earth with us is up.

My grandmother uses to say, one day I was a teenager and the next thing I new I was a little, old, gray-haired lady – time does not stand still, and we need to learn to make our own choices and decisions. There is no shame in downsizing or finding a place of your own that YOU can afford. We do not need a big fancy home or the best car on the street to impress others, we just need to be true to ourselves and walk in the footsteps of Jesus to find our way HOME to true happiness and goodness.

Your choices in life will help you budget to make sure you always have enough. You do not need to be “cool” or keep up with anyone else. Be yourself, and just be YOU!

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