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Back in the Saddle Again to Help YOU

Hi Folks,

I am back again to try to help you and your finances. Life can pull us in many directions. I realize now that I am being called to try to help as many people as I can get back on track and help you find true happiness from within. This video lets you hear me tell my story again of my past and how I came to where I am.

Please leave a comment and let me know how I can help you. I would love to send you my first budgeting form I used to get started – if you would like it, please send me an email at and I will get it to you. Yes folks, I am back in the saddle again to help YOU better manage your finances.


Self Improvement Wise Budgeting

Wise Budgeting -The Choice for Your Financial Success

It took me several years of my life and several failures in that time to finally realize wise budgeting is the best choice for your financial success. I wish I had got it sooner, but I have been thinking “how can I help others with the experience and knowledge of trial and error over the years” so they don’t have to go it alone.

It Began With A Realization

As I sat back and thought about this blog, and my experience, suddenly it all became clear. It began with a realization I have developed a valuable skill that can help others to master there finances as I have and without going it alone. It takes time, and a certain kind of love and compassion to get people who are struggling financially, perhaps from credit cards or student loans, or whatever to a place where they can feel in control of there destiny.

First: Set A Mind Goal – You Can Do This!

Together, we can set a mind goal that you can do this, no matter where you are right now. For many, like myself, I realized I was in a state of lostlessness and wondering what was going to happen to me. Then, one day my stepdad made one statement that changed everything – he said “of all the people, I always thought you would be the one to succeed!”

Suddenly I felt I had disappointed him and my mother in some way, and I felt awful, I had to change and I had to do it NOW! He gave me some suggestions, and that night I started on a new journey to change my situation. By the end of the first year from that day, I had my first real A-ha moment ever as I started doing my taxes. I then challenged myself to do it another year, and document the process.

Next: Laying Out The Plan

You see, you have to start laying out the plan for success from where you are TODAY and move forward in a progression of steps over a period; with reinforcement and coaching. I have a lot of information here, but it can be overwhelming just what to do when. I have found that sometimes we can get lost in too much information. For this very reason, I have decided to create a webinar series that will take you from now, step by step through a customized process tailored to your own specific needs.

The Wise Budgeting System In A Box

This webinar series will be my flagship coaching program – THE WISE BUDGETING SYSTEM IN A BOX – and I will be there for you every step of the way to make sure you are following through as I know, like me, you can do this! I have not started the actual series yet, but just want to see how much interest there is in such a program to help you master your finances and stop living paycheck to paycheck over time.. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be able to ever retire from my day job, let alone have my own place. Well, I believe if I can make that happen for me, I can help create a wise budget for yourself as well and see some of your dreams come true.

I will stay in touch throughout the process – and when this course is ready for release you will be one of the first recipients.

Connect With Others – Wise Budgeting Powwow!

In addition I believe it is important to join with others who are struggling for lack of a budget or financial direction, and want to open up a private forum where you can connect with others in a WISE BUDGETING POWWOW! .If you are interested in helping make your idea reality and would like to join WB POWWOW of others seeking budgeting help – click the link below and introduce yourself in the Wise Budgeting Powwow and describe your current situation and where you would like to be in say six months.

So what are you waiting for?  Join the WB POWWOW on Clouthub Now.




Wise Budgeting

Introduction to Wise Budgeting with Donna

I have been thinking how can I reach out better and help more. Well I have decided to put together a 12-month course where I start by introducing myself and my own story and facing debt. Every month I will add a new piece to the process and Well, I just completed my first live stream that will begin my course and wanted to share it to get your thoughts and opinions.


It is fresh, uncut facts about my story

Speaking naturally from my home, I want to make my course fresh and as natural as possible and feel that means keep it as uncut and unedited as possible. Making it as real as it is, and sharing my experiences will help you join me on a new journey for your financial freedom.


The simple approach to Wise Budgeting

Wise budgeting starts where you are and identifying everything about your life NOW in the present, and the feelings or emotions you feel as you are putting it together and see your actual net worth. Realize you have been simply lost for however long and now, you want to change.


Goals Setting Gives Hope

Now think what life would look like if you didn’t have the struggles and debt, your net worth was off the charts high. This is the place you ultimately want to get to – but how, you ask?


The Answer is Easy – Learning to Budget Wisely

I am in the process of writing a course showing how I have done it in hope of helping YOU and many others do exactly this and experience new freedoms they never thought they could ever have or imagine. I want to share the introduction to this course with you now and ask you to please leave comments and how you felt after listening. What action(s) has it got you taking?

Finance & Budgeting Self Improvement Wise Budgeting

Wise Budgeting Begins With Being Empowered with Self-Awareness

My last post was how so many of us are driven by the impression they want to leave. It told how you have to be true to yourself and don’t worry about impressing others. Fact is, they may not even now you. But you know yourself, and you need to realize the only one you need to impress is YOU! Unless you get off that need to impress others, you will always be lost in the journey of your life.

Wise budgeting begins with being empowered with self-awareness. From this point you gain your strength and confidence where good things happen. Let’s begin…

Where Are You Right Now Financially

I thought I was either doing okay or not really sure, I now realize I was lost and no matter how hard I tried to get out of debt – I kept digging myself in deeper. I was living at home with my parents and siblings, afraid I would never really be able to ever live on my own and experience life. In 2008, I remember getting a call from somewhere saying there was a warrant for my arrest and if I did not do as they said they were coming for me. It scared me, and I wrote a note to my little sister before heading out to work that night saying I did not know what was going to happen, but I wanted her to know and share that I loved everyone very much.

A few days later I was out shovelling snow, and my stepdad came out to join me, but not to shovel. He wanted to talk about the note and offer some valuable advice that changed my life that day forward. Years of struggling, I finally realized I needed to get my financial act in order. Today I have my own place, and I owe it all to my stepdad’s wisdom. The one line that stands out today is “of all people, I always thought you and Christa (my youngest sister) would make it in this world.” To hear this really made me take another look at everything I was doing.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Honestly, I had no idea where my money was going or what it was doing. I was letting it run amuck all by itself. I was trusting it, which many of us I think do and realized in doing so, my money got me lost. That night I took out all my bills and receipts and made a list of everything I had bought or paid for to date that month. From this list I was able to assemble my first category of expenses and what I was spending for that month in each,

Then I took and made a list of income I was receiving for the month – I suddenly realized I was living on credit. Credit is future money. This was future money already spent now and it was growing. What was I to do now, I had already got a loan and refused the second time I applied, so I borrowed from my stepdad and to pay him off, I had taken a job waitressing back in October of 1989.

Do You Have a Basic Starter Emergency Fund?

Over the years since I started budgeting I have learned so much about myself. One thing I encourage everyone to have is an Emergency Fund. I am an avid follower of Dave Ramsey, and if you don’t have this – get that basic starter emergency fund in action FAST! He says $1,000; I say you have about $2000-2500 in this fund. Open a special savings or IRA and work on funding this as soon as possible. The feeling of having such an account with cash in it is so incredibly refreshing.

Once you have that in progress, you need to begin framing your basic beginners budget. Understand that a budget is NOT cast in stone and flexible, as you will learn.

Framing Your Basic Beginnners Budget

As you set up the four basic categories for your budget not which accounts are current and which ones are not current. You must bring everything up to current status. This means noting current payments and past due statuses on all your expenses. I recommend starting iwth four folders- each representing on of the four categories of expenses. These categories are:


Wise Budgeting: Are You Ready? Let’s You Do It!

This is the basic journey to wise budgeting that begins empowering you with self-awareness. Knowing exactly what you have and where it is going all the time. Being focused with a new understanding as to who you are and what you want to accomplish for your family and yourself down the road. Wise budgeting lets you do it and follow the right road to financial success to true happiness.

Budgeting in Tough Times Wise Budgeting

Life Got in My Way, But I am Back

As I log in today for the first time in months, I was disappointed to find everything I worked hard on “needing work”. We tend to get complacent and go back to old ways letting life itself get in our way of dreams and ideas we try to build. When I saw the stars today for this site, Try Wise Budgeting with Donna, I was heartbroken and felt I have disappointed for those following me. It won’t be easy, but know I am still here for you.

I Am Back!

It is true I am back to work, almost full time since the outbreak of Covid, but I am still committed to my passion here as well. I know very well how you feel in your struggles with balancing your finances to make ends meet. Yet, disappointed that I seem to have let you down the past few months. Seeing the words that my office space, this website, “needs work” made me feel I have let YOU down, and I don’t like that – I don’t want you to feel that way either.


So let me share my plan – for the month of April and those months to follow I am committing to just TWO bi-weekly articles a month and asking for your support. I hope you will be inclined to share your experiences and questions with each new post to help me get back on track. I am also going to post a five-minute weekly podcast.

I feel starting with small and very doable steps like this right now will help me re-connect to YOU, and help me to get back on track where my life got in my way, but I am back and want to reconnect with you.

Next Up…

I will be adding the new “Wise Budgeting with Donna” newsletter in May as a seasonal, quarterly issue. It will come straight to your in-box as a PDF as I now some people are more visual and need something they can print out and keep handing to refer back to. Please share your ideas! Let me now in the comments some things you would like to see included in this newsletter.

Still, More to Come…

Well, that is enough for now to work on, especially where I am back to work in the restaurant full time since last July. There is another biggie I want to take on towards the end of this year – but for now, I will hold you in suspense. You will hear more in the months that follow – but right now I feel that best way to get back on track helping people like you budget wisely is slow and steady.

Now It’s YOUR Turn…

Show your support by signing up to receive my newsletter, once it is out – I have a new link to keep all my fans together and to show my appreciation I will share how to get started understanding just where your money is going.  You will be surprised.

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