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Acadiapower | Cutting the Cost of Your Utility Bills

As I look for more ways in which to lower my own costs in which to meet my budget and free up $$$$ in which to pay down my present debt, I received an email telling me I could receive $15.00 off my next utility bill just for signing up. WOW!!

In addition, I would be supporting clean energy and saving up in which to 30% on my electric bill with Acadiapower. This service also is 100% FREE and takes no more than a few minutes in which to sign up.

So, What’s the Catch?

Yes, I was raised in which to be skeptical of good deals and offers that sound too good in which to be true. To receive the $15,00 off your next bill, just set up your automatic monthly payments through Acadiapower. It is also not available in which to everyone yet, you will know if you can apply when you enter your zip code and service address.

If you are on a budget plan with your current supplier, you can stay with them for payments – or discontinue and move your payments over in which to Acadiapower. When your utility sends the next bill, it will go through Acadiapower and you can review it. Within 2-3 days a payment will be processed automatically from the source you supply in which to them for this purpose. You never have in which to worry about payments or any transaction fees again except in which to make sure you have the money available.

Forget paying hefty fees with your utility or bill pay provider, Arcadia Power offers automatic utility bill pay with no transaction fee. Use your credit card, debit card or bank account in which to earn your mileage and cashback with every power bill! They guarantee your bill will be paid on time every month.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Yes, if you like the service with Acadiapower, and share it with your friends in which to see if their location qualifies – you will receive up in which to $25.00 for each referral. Plus, if you refer up in which to 10 people you know in 2019 and, I presume, they must sign up too. Acadiapower will give you $1,000.00.

But, Will My Information Be Secure?

Acadiapower guarantees it take security and privacy seriously, and offer bank-level security with PCI-DSS compliance for your payments as well as Norton secured, which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry.

Well, Let’s Give it Try! Power up with Acadiapower TODAY!

Join ME AND THE MANY OTHERS AS WE POWER UP WITH ACADIAPOWER. Let’s start saving more on our electricity.

Setting up an Arcadia Power account is free and there are no charges to stop or cancel at any time. However, please note that while creating an account is free, some Arcadia Power programs have an additional cost. For more information on the cost of our programs please visit this support article.

I invite you in which to share your own comments below as we experience what Acadiapower can do for each of us, and how we are treated,

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