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Welcome to Wise Budgeting with Donna! This is the place where you will learn that it is our choices in life that lead us to the outcomes that come about. If you have made bad ones, Wise Budgeting can help turn things around.



Seems finances and money has historically been a taboo subject to talk about as we grow up. We learn from experience the hard way, or I did. I graduated from Marshfield High School in May of 1973 and took a year off to help mom with my new baby sister while looking for work. Almost a year later two jobs came available – one in the Duxbury Public Library and the other working in the Records Office of my stepdad’s employment. I chose the latter.

It was two years into the job that I ask my stepdad, “how does one go about establishing credit?” He pulled into the bank and went in to talk to the branch manager. Then he came out to get me. I had to apply for a small loan of $100, which I held onto and when the bill came to pay it back in a month- I paid it in full. At that point, the process was complete and I got my first card.

Well, over the years that one card grew to several. I got into credit card trouble and went to the local credit union to apply for a consolidation loan where the money would come out of my paycheck to pay it back automatically. It was approved. Cards satisfied, and the loan is paid back automatically. I remember the words of the bank manager Sandy Ellis telling me as she handed the check to me, “Be careful, you will probably be back again like most people.”

I learned you only get approved ONCE, and then you need more drastic and intentional means – I went down two more times before getting wise and learning about the simple art of budgeting.


I decided to create Wise Budgeting with Donna to help others as I realize suddenly I was not alone. Others may be struggling like me or worse. I want to help people like you to get on a budget you can live with that meets ALL your needs. You can change your life at any age and make dreams come true.


To help you get on a budget and realize dreams you may not believe will ever come true. Bear in mind, it will take hard work, time and patience on your part – three things I work hard every day to master. The younger you start in your working life, the better – however, wise budgeting is for any age. You can live a better in your retirement and golden years IF YOU HAVE A BUDGET.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Wise Budgeting with Donna


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