How To Master Your Budget

A Look at How to Save Money on Coffee

If you are like me, you need that first cup of coffee in the morning. However, we tend to always be running and in doing so grab a coffee en route to work through one of the many drive-thrus. Until we have had that first cup, many of us do not even give a second thought about where it will come from.

Let us take a look at how to save money on coffee – here are the two ways and determine the best value for saving your hard-earned money while living on a budget.

Home Brewed at Home

The first option is home-brewed – you could get the pot all ready to go and even get one of those coffee makers with a timer that starts the coffee at a certain time so it is ready for when you get up. The aroma of the brewing will awaken your senses and help you get up and get ready for the day.

If you are a single home-owner, many of us now can purchase a Keurig very affordably and make a cup at a time – rather than making a pot and leaving it all day until you get home = then dumping and wasting most of it. This is my choice. The K-cups come in packages of 3, 12, and even 36, with no waste. The cost of the machine can be as low as $99. Up to $129. The K-cups are then your only expense once you get the machine. The average cost for a box of 12 is about $7.99 (a mere $.79 per cup). If you add cream and sugar to it, that cost could be as low as $.85 a cup at home.

On the Road Stop Options

However, many people roll over and try to grab a few moments of extra sleep before they have to get up. Then find themselves racing around and running out the door with no time to stop to make coffee at home. There are many one the road stop options on the way to work – MaryLou’s, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Gunther Tooties, and many more – and they choose the one with the least line and pull in.

Well, if you are in this group – you are looking at paying anywhere from $1.79 up to over $5.00 for that morning coffee. The cost of the coffee alone has doubled or even tripled depending on your choices. Oh, and then you see a lonesome donut calling out your name – at that to the cost of the coffee.

Don’t Forget to Cash-in with Coupons & Senior Discounts Available

Whether you brew your own at home or stop on the way to work, do take advantage of any cash-offers for coffee. And if you are over 55 or 60, ask if they offer senior discounts – and ask for it if they do. Remember, it’s your money and you have earned the rights to those discounts, but many times you MUST ask as we have been taught growing up it is not nice to inquire about someone’s age.

In my area, we have Cumberland Farms, and they offer free coffee on Fridays. If you find deals like that, by all means, treat yourself on Fridays as a reward for making your coffee all the rest of the week at home.

The Choice is Yours – Home or On the Road

Look at both methods closely and compare the costs – what saves you the most? Is your morning coffee shop run something you are willing to give up, or not – this is something you must decide for yourself. For me at the is time, it’s coffee from home with an occasional treat on the road.

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