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3 Great Ways To Budget Your Way to Prosperity

If only I knew back in my earlier years what I know now, it doesn’t matter how much money we make or have to spend that counts – it is more simply that you need to budget your way to a prosperous future. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better turning point that will get you there. Right now you may be feeling stressed stuck at home, no work and collecting unemployment – you are wondering, how are we going to make it? Well, dear, don’t blame the current situation and get stressed. Use your time to reorganize and reshape your family’s pocketbook.

Let’s outline four steps that will definitely help you take back control of your finances and help you breathe easier:

Take A Good Look At Your Household Finances

You have heard you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Same for your budget – you need to see it from different perspectives. I have come to rely on YNAB (short for, You Need A Budget) for my general monthly budgeting and management. It has helped me to take back control and see where my money has been wandering off too. I have tried other programs and keep coming back. One thing bothered me however, my current expenses are being paid and minimum debt. Retired now, this scares me seeing debt and realizing I may never see -0- debt until I am well past eighty.

Don’t Let Frustration Get the Best of You!

So now I had to come up with a plan for the debt portion. My goal to eliminate as quickly and painlessly as possible. One thing the pandemic did was give me time on some debt by taking a forbearance on my student loans. Some days I ponder if that was the right move, but when I tried to work out a deal with Home Depot I was met with much resistance, It was when they hit me with a walloping interest in the middle of this crisis I decided I had to find another way,

Before You File Bankruptcy – STOP AND TAKE A BREATH!

Being Never one to go forward with a bankruptcy mark on my head, I decided to look at my debt and come up with a plan. I saw an ad for Freedom Debt Relief and decided to call. I instantly felt a calm come over me as the lady told me that they could take 6-7 cards off my plate, and still leave me with four to manage on my own. I held my breath a moment as she got ready to tell me what I would have to pay and when she asked me how $278 a month sounded I let out a big sigh. I could afford that, and the best was yet to come – she told me to pay that every month and I will graduate from the program in four years – DEBT FREE! Yet, I would still have four cards available to help rebuild my credit on the right foot,

If you are struggling with debt, call Freedom Debt Relief at 800-655-6303 and speak with an agent. Follow the plan they set up for you, and focus on that celebration at the end of the program when you are debt free and in control.

Reach out to the Albert Geniuses to Help You Save More

Well I got to thinking further and one night I was checking the apps on my phone, and realized I was not using one to what seemed like its full advantage. I had downloaded this in the Spring of 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. I have come to trust the staff that is behind the scenes there to give advice to its members with the Albert App, Now, not only am I current with my monthly bills – but getting rid of 6-7 cards, AND realized that Albert is helping me SAVE an extra $200 a month in an Albert savings account.

Relax Now! Your are on the road to Financial Freedom!

I am delighted to think that due to the pandemic something good is coming out of it – I will have $1,000 saved with Albert in an emergency fund that only took six months, and that I know will be possible to double that in a years time. It is possible I will have not only my debts under control – but also, I am hoping to have saved $10,000 with Albert. I am delighted I have finally learned how to budget, pay my bills and save – now I have one more hurdle to master, and it scares me.

As the New Year dawns on 2021, I am making a resolution to utilize the investing option on Albert and learn how to be a smart investor without losing all I am working hard to aspire, I am learning what young people need to realize before they get too old; but also realizing that we are never too old to learn and change the patterns of our life to better ourselves, .

I’m closing in on my financial goals with help from the geniuses at Albert. Now try it for yourself! Sign up with my link and you’ll get free cash.













4 replies on “3 Great Ways To Budget Your Way to Prosperity”

Great input Donna,

Have to admit, I’ve actually gone through the process before I finally decided to not go ahead with bankruptcy. I know there’s no other way to pay my debts so I went and created a mini-investment scheme into a project I came up with whereby people can loan my their money and get the return with an interest after a few months. 

I never knew about Freedom Debt Relief before, would have saved me more time and a lot of time too! I wish I’d come across your article sooner 🙂

The first thing I have to say is the text is great written. My family and I earn money from our salaries every month, and again, in addition to so much income, we have expenses that are inexplicable. Of course, paying bills and other obligations is fine, but at the end of the month, there are always costs that were created out of nowhere, and you wonder how that is even possible. This article is very informative and I will definitely seek expert advice through the Albert app and I hope to see the results very soon in my wallet. 

Thank you for the information

You are very welcome!  I love to share my experiences and what is working for me – hope they continue to work for others.  Love to hear back from all as to your results!  

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