Preparing A Zero-Base Budget for September

Investing in Oneself

The bills have been paid for August – it’s now the 29th. Pension check will be received in another day or so. To prepare s zero-base budget for September you enter the balance you are carrying over from the previous month (August) and any monies you receive on the first of each month, if any. … Read morePreparing A Zero-Base Budget for September

Handling Our Finances – When Times Are Tough Can be Rough

The way we go about handling our finances especially when times are tough can be rough on us all. If you are not careful, it can lead you into a depressed state of mind, Depression is a serious condition that can cripple you. It produces negative effects on its victims in the way they think, … Read moreHandling Our Finances – When Times Are Tough Can be Rough

Finance Talk – Public Discussion Myth

Do you dread balancing your checkbook or reviewing your personal finances every month? It seems nothing ever changes. The same problems are occurring every month. You are just as stressed after you look at them as you were before thinking “I will never be able to retire at this rate, and I just turned (insert … Read moreFinance Talk – Public Discussion Myth